Beaconsfield Dental Practice, Beaconsfield, South Bucks


Our Fees are calculated on a time basis, it is therefore difficult to have a precise costing for each item of treatment. However, we hope that the following guide will give you an idea as to what is involved.

New patients

New patient initial consultation, for full examination including x-rays, full mouth charting, periodontal assessment and treatment planning £95.00

Follow up-appointments

Follow up appointments, for restorative treatment, (e.g. fillings, root canal work), preventative consultations, emergency treatments etc., are charged on a time basis.

The hourly rate is £300.00

As a rough guide:

Examination appointment £65.00 
Simple fillings £75.00 (15 minutes)
Complex fillings £150.00 (30 minutes)
Molar root canalfrom£600.00 (approx 2 hours)

Adult hygienist appointments

Per 30 minute session: £58.00

Child hygienist appointments

Per 30 minute session: £28.00

More complex treatments

More complex treatments have set fees which are in the region of:

Full denturesfrom£1,000.00
Chrome partial denturefrom£900.00
Acrylic partial denturefrom£550.00
Relining denture £220.00
Gum shield £80.00

If treatment is to involve several visits or any of the more complex work, a quotation will be given after the initial consultation.

Please speak to any member of the practice if you have questions regarding proposed treatment or fees.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.


Children may be examined on the NHS. We recommend that they be seen from an early age to give advice and to familiarise them with our surroundings. With the help of fissure sealant, good diets and hygiene, decay can be prevented.

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